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I updated my website with some interior pictures I took this morning. But I thought I'd save everyone the trouble and post some here. :o)

The R32 has great seats (from Koenig) with large bolsters that provide great support and hold you in place during quick turns. My R has the only option offered for the 2004 VW R32, leather seating.

The rear seats are nice, too. The R comes with three full-sized head rests in the rear, but I removed the middle one because I found it distracting. The seats fold down for extra storage space.

I love the R's thicker steering wheel with thumb cutouts. I just can't say enough good things about it. It’s really comfortable to hold and the shortened rack is wonderfully responsive.

The 2004 R32 only comes in a 6-speed manual transmission (for the United States, anyway). There's torque just about everywhere, and shifting feels great. The R32 already came stock with a shortened throw, but early on I had installed a short shift from EIP that makes it even better. :o) The shift knob has lost a little of its shiny-new luster, but I still like how it looks.

When I had my 2003 GTI I looked into getting .:R pedal covers--expensive! So I was quite pleased that they come stock with the R. Sorry about the dirt, but hey, it's winter!

The R also comes with some nifty .:R floor mats. I replaced them immediately with monster mats, but they still look nice, don't they?

The R comes with a Monsoon system with AM/FM, CD and tape player, along with climatronic. Climatronic is nice, but it's positioned kind of low so its hard to make adjustments without taking your eyes off the road. Sound is acceptable (for me, at least). No navigation was offered; I purchased a used 6-disc CD changer that was a simple plug-and-play in the hatch.

Mmmm... shiny.... :p

Finally, here's a look at the dashboard from further back, just to provide perspective on the layout.


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