Most drivers are unprepared for winter

Last week we got another dump of snow just in time for the morning commute. Of course, it happened to be on the day that I had a 7:30 am appointment in south Vancouver. It normally would be a 40 min trip, but it took me almost 2 hours to arrive--most of it simply trying to get out of Coquitlam and New Westminster.

Because of the additional snow on top of the deep freeze (-11ยบ C overnight temperatures) a few days before, the roads were very slick. Not that we had any problems in the Subaru. Back-ups were caused by people who were slipping and getting stuck simply because they were not prepared for the weather.

But I mean, really, shouldn't have these people known better? I saw one person in a BMW X5 with their wheels locked sliding down a very slight incline unable to stop. There was no danger because it was were sliding at a pedestrian pace toward the curb, but that person was holding up traffic for blocks behind them. If you drive a BMW X5 you should be able to afford winter tires!

I know I set myself up for disappointment, but I would have hoped that people would have the sense the need for winter tires since we had a record snowfall back in November that caused all sorts of havoc and created a run on winter tires. Three weeks later--plenty of time for time shops to re-stock--we had another dump of snow and then the clear skies with the deep freeze that I mentioned before. Lots of black ice in the mornings, lots of accidents, lots of news reports. Wouldn't that make someone think that maybe they should buy some winter tires? Especially if they live on a mountain?

I guess my expectations are too high, considering the number of front-wheel-drive cars I've seen in the neighborhood with winter steelies mounted on the rear!?!

Anyway, I took the picture above at about 5pm in the parking lot of Pizza Hut in Coquitlam. We were ordering some take-out for dinner. Right after placing our order, the restaurant decided to close early and send all their employees home.


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