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A popular topic on a lot of automotive forums is a "Spotted!" thread. It's usually organized by different regions and this is where local enthusiasts announce when and where they've spotted, beeped or waved at, or otherwise acknowledged another driver in the hopes of finding a fellow enthusiast. These are often accompanied with full descriptions of the vehicle and or driver. It's amazing how much detail (complete with type and brand of mods) a car nut can gather in even just a fleeting glimpse.

There can also be multiple sightings of the same vehicle especially with a close-knit car club in a small area like the Lower Mainland. Obviously, the more mods a car has, the more it gets spotted. Following one of these local spotted threads you can't help but go through range of emotions from loneliness-- "How come I never get spotted?"--to paranoia/horror--"I can't go anywhere without someone stalking me!"

Yesterday was the last day of R32Argent's visit and I let him take the Subaru STI out for a drive. The only time that he had driven it before was last year when the STI was still in the break-in period and I had not yet installed the K&N intake. I had ulterior motives, however, because since we needed two vehicles for this outing, it gave me the opportunity to "spot" my own car and take note how it looks on the road from the outside :0).

My conclusions?
  1. I'm glad I wash and wax the exterior regularly.
  2. I'm glad I went with the light black window tint.
  3. The HIDs do an amazing job of lighting up the road in front of the vehicle.
  4. The stock exhaust is really quiet.
  5. The STI looks incredibly stock and boring.
  6. I need some more mods....


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