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VW R32: Venture Shield update

Back in the summer of 2009 I had some Venture Shield clear sticker installed on my R32. Admittedly, I don't drive the R32 as much as I used to, but I'm still happy with how it's held up. No yellowing or discolouration whatsoever (knock on wood). You can see in the picture that it's barely visible even a short distance away. The only nagging concern I have is that my installer was just as impressed as I was at exactly how well the Venture Shield had held up, giving me the impression that yellowing or discolouration will be inevitable some time down the road. Anywhoo, I've pretty much made all the modifications to my R32 I'd wanted. Though recently I wish I had a compass built into my rear view mirror. The dashboard compasses you can purchase from stores like Canadian Tire never seem to work right for me. I suspect it's not as straight forward as a simple swap of rear view mirrors, though.

VW R32: Recall Notice #28F3

Late last year I chanced upon a Volkswagen recall notice (ID #28F3), that was originally dated 29 October 2009, to "Inspect, and if necessary replace Ignition coils." What I found puzzling is that I only learned of this recall in December 2010 when I was testing out the recall notice look-up tool on VW of Canada's website. It would have been nice if my dealership had mentioned this when I took my R in for the moonroof service action (60A7/S9) back in May 2010, or a simple e-mail.  Oh well. Actually, on further thought, I have a vague memory of my mechanic back in the United States mentioning he had replaced the ignition coils, which would explain why VW didn't have a record of it.