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Omega Speedmaster Professional: Secret Enjoyment

To the average person, the Omega Speedmaster Professional looks like any other wristwatch. It doesn't attract a lot of attention and that's one of the main reasons why I enjoy wearing it. One time someone looked at the Speedmaster on my wrist and told me that the second hand was broken. I just smiled noncommittally and didn't bother to explain. There are things about this iconic watch that I appreciate and I don't care if other people know it or not. While my particular Speedmaster has not been on the moon, it has a heritage and a place in space history that holds special interest to me. I like that it is manual wind and it gets life from its user. The main reason I enjoy this watch so much is that I didn't buy it for myself. A few years before my 5-year-old son was born, I decided to buy something that was worthy of passing down and the Omega Speedmaster Professional was what I picked. So I'm borrowing it for now and giving it good use until the time is right

Mechanical Watches Are Living Machines: Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch

I used to be obsessed with the accuracy on my mechanical wristwatches. I kept records and measured time and it bothered me if a watch as plus or minus more than a few seconds per day, until I came to the realization that none of them would ever be as accurate as any of the solar-powered atomic watches I had. That's when I accepted that every watch had a specific purpose and role in my collection and that my everyday survival did not depend on up-to-the-second accuracy. The solar atomics are soulless robots that serve well, by my mechanical timepieces are living machines given life through movement. The time I spend winding and adjusting and listening to each one is a little night time ritual that gives me much pleasure.