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Clickfree Automatic Backup Transformer SE = Awesome!

I was at Fred Meyer on the weekend and bought the Clickfree Automatic Backup Transformer SE . It's a small USB device that allows you to convert any external hard drive (or any iPod/iPhone) into a Clickfree drive . I bought it not so much for the backup function, but mostly for the "Bonus Feature" listed on the back of the package that says "Automatically copy the music from any iPod to your computer." I thought that this would be very handy in case the music on my desktop was ever lost. I'm so happy with the way that this worked that I had to write a review. When I first plugged the Clickfree into my computer, the program opened up and asked me to plug in the hard drive or iPod. However, when I did that, the software did not respond. I went to the Clickfree website for customer support and they had a page that showed very clearly how to update the Clickfree Transformer to the latest version. Once I updated to the latest version, I started over and everyt