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VW Climatronic Diagnostic Codes

NOTE: This post has been back-dated to the year when I first published this information on my web page at . This information applies to my 1999 VW Passat GLX which comes with the automatic climate control. (Stargazer, 28 December 2006) The speedometer has a factory built-in error to show a speed faster than your actual speed. The Climatronic (automatic climate control) system includes a number of sensors that you can access through the diagnostic mode. To see your true speed in digital format press the following key combinations: Press Fan Down, Temperature Colder, ECON at the same time. Use the temperature control buttons to cycle through the various channels to Channel 16. Press ECON to go back to normal. It goes back automatically when you restart the car. This information was originally posted by Syncro Driver @ VWvortex forums: There are a total of 45 diagnose channels numbered from 0 to 44. Some readouts represent a measured value and can't be altered--for exam