VW R32: Missing center cap

A while ago I'd been making my customary circuit around the R when I saw the rear passenger wheel was missing its center cap. Ugh. Serendipitously I had time that same day to stop by a local Volkswagen dealership to purchase a replacement (Part No. 1J0-601-171). It wasn't as expensive as I'd feared and installation was a snap... literally. It pushes straight in.


and after...

Anywhoo, more pics here, but really, not much more can be said.


  1. Do you think it just popped out?

    Over time, the ones on my Passat seemed to get looser and I was worried about losing them. It happened to some people and I found some ideas on how to make it fit tighter.

  2. Yeah, I think it just fell out. I've read about people losing theirs, too--some pretty often! How do you make them fit tighter?

  3. I thought if I wedged a ball of aluminum foil behind the center cap, it would push the clips out far enough so that it would fit tighter in the wheel.

  4. I lost my center caps last week. Ordered new caps from centercaps.net They were at my doorstep within 48 hours. Bets going to local VW store. Hope this helps!


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