BlogShares: The Fantasy Blog Stock Market

Lately I've been spending a lot of time over at BlogShares. It's an online stock market game that I find quite fun. I first found out about the site one day while I was Googling myself (hmmm... that sounds kind of unsavory...). I had no idea what it was all about--stocks and bonds and P/E ratios all sounded too complex for me. But I was pleased that my blog had been entered into some kind of directory.

For several months, I would check back once in a while to peek at what was going on, but I never got curious enough to sign up until after R32Argent posted about BlogShares on his site. That was it. I decided to sign up myself and learn about the game.

In BlogShares instead of trading shares of companies, you buy and sell shares in blogs. Blogs are sorted into "industries" (like categories) that simply describe what the blog is about in the directory. It works much like a stock market where trading in shares can affect share prices and your net worth. Unlike a real stock market, it is absolutely free to join!

Playing the game is actually quite simple and it's easy to build the B$500 you are given as seed money into something quite large. In fact I found BlogShares quite addictive. How addictive? Well, in the few weeks after I had signed up, I found myself ranked number one in net growth for the month of December 2006!

Beyond the simplicity of getting started, once you build-up your cash reserves to where you want them, you can challenge yourself by getting involved with different levels of strategy. I've since joined a corporation and have gotten involved with strategic voting, hostile takeovers, and defending assets--all great fun!

One last thing is that by participating in BlogShares and voting blogs into different industries, I've been visiting and reading so many different blogs on so many different topics. Ha, ha--I didn't realize how many people around the world were blogging!


  1. What I've seen referred to as "the x factor" of Blog Shares is the people. You have made it more fun for me.

    Kilroy - The Gonzo Papers

    Love the Frank Lloyd Wright quote by the way!

  2. Thanks. I actually saw the quote etched in a martini glass at a gift shop and I thought it was written specifically for me!


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