20 Seconds of Kendra

20 Seconds of Kendra
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Our youngest daughter has the habit of putting on a strange forced smile (like the one in the top left corner of this mosaic) whenever she poses for a picture. That's for family shots. Forget trying to coax a smile out of her if you're a stranger. She refuses to smile or grin for any of her pre-school photos or even for photos with Santa. We always have to assure the photographer that, yes, it's OK, you did a good job because that's the best expression you'll ever hope to get out of her.

In reality, our little 4-year-old is a bit of ham when she doesn't have to sit still and pose. And I'm sure that anyone familiar with young children will know that it's very difficult for them to sit still. I have to resort to doing silly things that Dads do and pressing the shutter on the off-beat to bring out more of her true character.

Thus, this picture is 20 seconds of Kendra.


  1. Awesome pictures. Are you using studio lights? the lighting is so soft.

  2. Thanks! I just bought a new 50mm f/1.8 lens that has great low-light capabilities so I was able to get those shots without a flash.

  3. Much better than those coin-picture booth thingies at the Mall :o)


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