Subaru STI: One year fuel-consumption data

STI at Night
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I finally got around to entering my fuel receipts into the spreadsheet I have for the 2006 Subaru Impreza STI. The STI actually hasn't seen much road time since last September when the Honda Odyssey took over main grocery-getter duties (including chauffeuring the kids to their martial arts lessons twice a week). Intoxicated with the new-car smell of the Odyssey's leather interior and distracted by shiny electronic trinkets like voice-activated navigation, I'm sad to admit that I had no need to fill the tank in the STI at all for the entire month of October.

Thank goodness for the snow! The fluffy white stuff that causes many drivers to shudder uncontrollably, put a huge grin on my face. Using the DCCD to lock the center differential meant that the STI handled even the worst conditions with total confidence--and a little flair ;0)

After getting a call from Rob Tang last week, I've actually been driving the STI more--especially since the "risk" that I was encountering at work was no longer a factor (for now). Because my driving sessions in the STI are fewer, they have been... how should I put it... filled with more "enthusiasm." You'll see evidence of that in the fuel consumption data where I went from a high average of 18.7 MPG during July, to a low of 13.6 MPG for the most recent fill-ups.

You can find a link to the fuel consumption data on the side bar under Vehicle Information Links but this is the direct link.


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