The moon on Feb 27, 2007

The moon: 2007-02-27

In between snow flurries, the sky turned clear last night and I had a chance to bring out the 10" Dobsonian telescope we bought for Christmas....

I was outside for several hours without a jacket and didn't realize how cold it was (hovering just below freezing) until after I went back into the house. My fingers had frozen numb. At one time when my kids were going to bed they came out to say goodnight and saw me trying to get shots of the telescope. I told them I was trying to get some pictures of the moon, but my wife later told me they were a little bit worried about me: "Mommy, mommy--Daddy's lying on the ground!!!"

All the pictures I took were hand-held, although for the long exposures I had to prop the camera with one hand on a little table so that it could lean against the telescope tube, all the while holding the telescope with my other hand so that it wouldn't move on the Dobsonian mount.

The moon was quite bright so it hid all but the brightest stars. In fact, after looking at the moon through the scope, my eyes were somewhat "blinded" and seeing spots--I guess it is sunlight after all.


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