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2006 STI - 2918 km - Fog Light Mod

Today I completed the fog light modification I found at NASIOC . I chose this method because it is non-permanent. No wires are cut and I can put it back to stock very easily. I am now able to use the fog lights independently of the high intensity discharge (HID) headlamps. The picture below shows the fog lights working with only the city lights. The HIDs are off.

2006 STI - 2759 km - Fog Light Trim Installed

The dealership finally called to say that the fog light trim had arrived. I went in after work on Friday to pick it up and mentioned right away that maybe I could just install them myself. Then the question came up whether or not I was supposed to pay for them. After some consultation, they agreed to give them to me free as long as I installed them myself. (Whew! Exactly what I wanted because I was worried about them touching the car after what happened last time.) I also ordered a cargo mat and a cargo net for the trunk. The cargo mat didn't fit exactly, but it's better than nothing so I kept it. It wasn't until today that I realized that they had ordered the cargo net for the wagon instead of for the sedan. I'll have to go back again and return it. Anyway, the STI looks finished now. It's a bit more stealthy because from the front it looks exactly the same as a regular WRX (except for the small grille badge). For future reference, the trim pictured above is upsid

2006 STI - A Little Bit of Snow

Winter weather around here has been pretty bad. By "bad" I mean that it's been warm and rainy. It's been raining almost every day since December 19. In fact we almost tied a 53-year old record for consecutive days of rain in Vancouver. The record was 28 days and we reached 27. I actually think we broke the record because on that day we would have tied it, it rained everywhere else but the official recording station in Richmond. Then it rained for the rest of the week! Anyway, it's rained so much that even I am tired of it. So when temperatures dropped a bit, we drove up to Cypress Mountain to see a bit of snow. It was nice change and it was quite busy so they were making people park in the far lot and walking in. Luckily for us, the guy saw the kids in the back, radioed ahead and we were able to park right up in the main area. The kids were able to play in the snow and I took a few shots of the car.... In the picture above you can see the OEM fog lights without t

Suzuki Burgman - ODO: 2705 km - TailBlazers Installed

TailBlazers are deceleration brake lights that flash rapidly and then slow down to steady on whenever you use the brakes. I bought these from Kisan Tech because they do not involve splicing any modules into the lighting system. They are direct replacements for the stock brake light bulb. This will save me from having to flash my brakes manually everytime I slow down since I'm so paranoid about being rear-ended (almost happened once already). Below is a video clip of the bulbs in action (two of my daughters are in starring roles :wink: Kisan tailBlazer video