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Thinking the Unthinkable... or, is it the Inevitable?

One Car to carry them all, One Payment to give Them, One Car to serve them all and on the journey take them. The 2008 Mercedes-Benz GL550 I didn't think it would happen. I thought it would be the one that would last. I thought my 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STI would be my keeper--the perfect sports sedan to keep and enjoy for years and years. But I'm having doubts and it looks like my history of not keeping any vehicle for more than 5 years may be repeating.... Pictured above is the 2008 Mercedes-Benz GL550 . It has the same 5.5L V-8 engine with 382 horsepower and 391 lb-ft of torque that's available on the S-Class ├╝ber-sedan and rides on 21" AMG alloy wheels with an available off-road package that includes center and rear locking differentials and a 2-speed transfer case. Luxury with on-road handling and off-road performance above other large, 7-passenger SUVs in its class: Could it be "The One" for us?

VW R32: First wax of 2008

This weekend worked out relatively well. Both temperature and timing aligned such that I could wash and wax my Golf R32 for the first time in three months—and to make things even better, it was 31 days after having my hood repainted so I was finally able to wax it. More pictures beneath the fold. More pictures .

VW R32: Perfectly Tuned

A short while back I found another advertisement for the Golf R32. Judging by how the exhaust tips are paired it's probably advertising the MkV Golf R32 - rather than the much better and original iteration, the MkIV Golf R32. :o) More VW ads and VW videos .