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Dash Cam: Trying to Pass in Right Turn Only Lane


2018 Volvo XC90 T8 Plugin Hybrid

The price for premium fuel here in Metro Vancouver is the highest in North America, reaching $1.799/L (about $6.80/gallon) earlier this week. Luckily, the last time I needed to fill the tank in the T8 was over a month ago! Since picking up our XC90 at the end of January with a full tank of gas and 12 km on the odometer, I've filled it up 3 times. Using an app that calculates consumption based upon distance traveled and fuel filled, our 3 month average fuel consumption is currently 4.58L/100 km (over 51 mpg). We’re averaging over 1000 km per tank. Not bad for living at the top of a mountain, hauling our large family around, and even helping my daughter move all her things between apartments from city to city.