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Cold STI

Cold STI Originally uploaded by istargazer . I've been lazy. But the large amount of snow we got overnight is supposed to last a few days and more is coming on Tuesday. So today I decided to mount the BBS wheels with winter tires on the STI. Boy, I really, really like the benefits of a locked differential. It gives me the ability to steer with the throttle and keep total control as I navigate icy, snow-covered streets. I have to admit that it's a little bit fun, too! :biggrin:

Blu-Ray/HD-DVD Wars: The End?

VW R32: Repainted

A couple months ago my R was vandalized . I decided it was time to finally get her repaired. More beneath the fold. The shop I went to did an excellent job; they repainted the hood and blended the fenders. I was very impressed. The hood looked amazing without the previous chips and dabs of touch-up paint. :o) Now I have to wait 30 days before I can wax her. Before... ... and after.