MkIV R32 vs. MkV R32

A week or so ago I received an e-mail from VWoA encouraging me to pre-order a MkV R32. After filling out an online form a list of local VW dealerships will be provided. However, you haven't actually "reserved" a MkV R32 until you stop by a dealership and place a deposit. Since the MkV R32 doesn't reach U.S. shores until August 2007, I'm guessing in the mean time eager buyers will be inundated with e-mails from local VW dealerships.

Anywhoo, while I'm glad VW is continuing to produce new "R" vehicles, there's not a significant enough improvement for me to seriously consider trading in my MkIV R32 for a MkV....

As I've mentioned in previous posts (MkV R32 in August 2007) the MkV has the same 250-hp engine as the MkIV, will be offered only with a DSG tranmission, but does have bi-xenon headlights. Perhaps VW is just trying to take advantage of the positive buzz from the MkIV, but I suspect relatively few MkIV R32 owners will trade in for a MkV. This isn't bad per se... who cares exactly who buys them as long as they're sold, right?

Below I've simply copied and pasted some info posted on a VWvortex thread discussing some of the differences between the MkIV and MkV R32. I've tried taking out anything that was subjective rather than objective.

--The US-spec MkV has same power as US-spec MkIV (250hp)
--MkV is 300lbs heavier.
--MkV is 12 seconds slower around the Nurburgring than the EU-spec MkIV (which is less powerful than US-spec MkIV).
--MkV has DSG only
--MkV has Gen 2 Haldex to the MkIV's Gen1. Reportedly pretty comparable to Gen 1 + HPP.
--MkV is like 2-3 inches taller, and looks it.
--MkIV has deep dark black grills up front
--MkV has sun catching black horizontal slats in the lower grills and a shiny center grill/bumper, similar to the MkV Jetta. (brushed al instead of chrome, but similar first impression)
--MkIV has totally R32 specific interior with custom seats, and R logos throughout (wheel, pedal covers, door sills, front and rear seats).
--MkV pretty much has GTI interior.
--MkV has new pedestrian friendly higher hood, with matching higher dash, higher window lines.. etc..
--MkV has $1800 NAV option
--MkV base price is $1000 more than MkIV was, and dealers are already busy price gouging (they learned from their mistake with the MkIV)
--MkIV has widely spaced exhaust tips.
--MkV has center exhaust tips, positioned about where your ankles are when you open the hatch.
--MKV has HID's
--MKV has steering wheel controls
--MKV has a donut spare
--MKV has battery in trunk

I'm still not sure if I like how MkV VWs look in general, but in this picture below I'm definitely having trouble liking the wood trim:

Anyway, although I'm not going to buy a MkV R32, I'm still hoping in August I'll be able to test drive one. :o)


  1. you know what dude? you cheer more the mkiv because you have one! the mkv has 250 hp, the mkiv has 237! NO WAY! the mkiv is faster, i raced one already and i beat it for almost 2 cars! (we raced like 5 times with the same results) vw is not taking advantage! u need more feedback! vw company is not stupid to make the mkv worse than the mkv, mkiv is an awesome car, i love it! but mkv is way better!

  2. Well, I kinda agree that the mkv is better, in fact it's only 140 pounds heavier not 300, but the 10 more hp that it has, compensates the weight and the awd haldex puts all 250 hp on the ground which it doesn't happen with the mkiv, also the dsg is faster than manual, there is quite a few reasons why the mkv is faster even though it's heavier....... of course there is not a lot of difference in speed, The mkv is 3 tenths of a second faster which would be around 1 car in straight line, not way faster but in looks I think I also give the mkv my thumbs up, it's a very well designed car :)


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