2007 Riding Season

I took the Suzuki Burgman for the first ride of the year today. I'm glad to say that after sitting parked for a couple of months, it started without a problem last night when I checked it out....

I haven't been on the bike for so long because as my wife's pregnancy progressed, she was unable to fit into her motorcycle jacket. That meant dropping her off at the station with four wheels. Then it was the Christmas holidays and we got all that snow and ice--which made me love the Subaru even more! Over the last couple of days the weather has warmed up (high of 8° C) even though it's damp and foggy, so I decided that I would get back on the Burgman.

Being back on the scooter I have to be extra careful about being seen and I always scan each intersection before I enter it. I wish I could say that about other drivers. The worst ones are the people who are making a right turn on a red light or stop sign, who don't stop. Just as bad are the ones who see you coming and insist on turning into the intersection even before you've passed >:p

When I see a car at an intersection as I'm approaching, I always wonder if they actually see me. Most of the time, I think they do. Maybe the one time that they don't, it will be too late for me to honk my horn or flash my lights. Oh, well. Today I've decided that I'm always going to flicker my lights at any car waiting to turn into the intersection... just in case.


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