VW R32: Glanz Wax--new and improved

In December 2006 Einszett came out with a new formulation of their Glanz Wax; Einszett was kind enough to send me a free sample and I've been looking for a chance to try it out....

Because of the cold weather we've been having and my adamant refusal to use automated car washes the R32 has been suffering under the salt and dirt for past three and a half months. Three days ago there was a fortuitous blip in the temperature and I rushed home from work so that I could wash the R before the light disappeared. The last part didn't work out so well but I was determined to wash and wax the R before the weather returned to sub-zero temperatures--as forecast--the following day.

I have to say that I think the new Glanz Wax is an improvement. It's a little more viscous than the old--making it less easy to spill/waste--and I think it looks just as good if not better; the new formula also brings out the metallic flecks in the paint more than the old one did. Anyway, here are a few pictures so you can see for yourself. I know it would have been better if the pictures were all taken from the exact same angles in the same conditions, but oh well.

This picture is from when I was using the Klasse twins:

This is using the old Glanz Wax:

Here's a picture with the new Glanz Wax. I actually took this picture the morning after I washed and waxed. The lighting is poor so the R actually looks much better in person:

A second picture with the new Glanz Wax:

As an aside, here are some links to posts about some of my previous experiences and opinions of Einszett products: Me likey; Shiny pipes; and Einszett.

I've used other detailing products besides Einszett; all of the pics and info I've uploaded about my detailing experiences can be found here: Wash & Wax.

Update 16 March 2007: Here's a picture I took about a week and half after I applied the new Glanz wax.


  1. That looks great.

    Do you have any touchless car washes over there? I finally broke down and used one on the STI a couple of weeks ago just to the get the salt off.

    Since I use a pressure washer to wash the car anyway, I didn't mind the machine doing it since it doesn't go that close to the car. I was only worried about the dryer, but even that doesn't touch the car (and I ducked out of there really fast before it got to the spoiler:p ).

  2. I think there are a couple touchless places around. I'm hesitant about using them though, because I've read that automated car washes, and touchless ones in particular, use very strong soaps/chemicals that might remove wax from the car.

    I've been hoping that the same temperatures that make it too cold to wash also make the salt less reactive and so have been limiting myself to just rinsing off the R when I can at DIY places, rather than risk losing wax/protection.


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