1st recall for the MkIV R32

This morning when I went in to have my CD player/radio replaced (see Getting my music back, part II) I was told there was a recall for the 2004 R32.

The recall was for the brake light switch. Although I haven't had any problems I've read of other R32 owners needing to replace the switch. Enough people have had difficulties with it that the symptoms of a faulty brake light switch are described in the R32 FAQ. Faulty brake light switches are not exclusive to the R32. MkIV Golfs and Jettas have had a recall for this same issue for quite a while. It's disappointing that it took so long for VW to include the R32 in the recall.

You can click here for a copy of the recall notice from the NHTSA. Briefly, a faulty switch can cause the brake lights to activate by themselves causing the cruise control to cut out and--because the R32 has a DBW throttle--cut the throttle, as well.

Anywhoo, it was serendipitous timing that the part for replacing my CD player only arrived after the recall was posted--VW service was able to replace the brake light switch (part no. 1C0-945-511-A-NAR) at the same time.

The new brake light switch is green--the old is black.


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