VW R32: Haldex maintenance

With my next regular service approaching I contacted VW Customer Care for clarification as to when I should be changing the R's Haldex oil and filter....

My confusion as to when Haldex servicing is recommended was due to the consensus on VWvortex as well as this article from Volkswagen Driver magazine (March 2004)--where both say that the Haldex oil should be changed every 20k miles, and the Haldex filter every 40k--and the VWoA maintenance schedule which says they both should be changed every 40k.

VW Customer Care returned my call, today, and although the VW representative couldn't explain the article, she assured me that both the Haldex oil and filter should be changed every 40k miles. I'll follow the official VWoA recommendation, then, but I still have some nagging doubts. At least my inquiry is on my record should any relevant issues appear in the future.

You can find further information on maintaining the Haldex by following this link.


  1. The post is really interesting. The last time I went for my VW repair I picked a service provider that assured me a 12 month or 12,000 mile warranty on labor and parts installed and provided by them. Isn’t it wonderful? I think if you are looking for a service provider for VW repair, make sure that they provide warranty on their services.


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