Quest for oil

One of things I didn't anticipate when I bought the R32 was how difficult it would be for me to find the correct motor oil.

The owner's manual recommends synthetic 5W-40 motor oil that meets ACEA A3 and VW 502.00 specifications. Locally, the only brand I've seen that qualifies is Valvoline's Synpower 5W-40. Unfortunately, it's only rarely that I see any in stock, if they sell it at all. Frustrating.

I wonder if you can buy motor oil online, and where?

I've read that Mobil 1 Delvac 5w40 is suitable for the R--it's marketed for diesel engines but is fully compatible with gas engines (same ratings, just some extra additives). Next time I'm in a parts store I'll have to pay attention and look.


  1. I guess they've had better luck finding it locally. I've been able to find it, too, but just very rarely. Online stores sell it, too.


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