Internet Archive: Wayback Machine

Internet Archive: Wayback Machine
Someone sent me an email asking about the Rear Fog Lamp modification I did to my 1999 VW Passat GLX. European-spec Passats came with rear fog lamps standard. The North American ones don't, but they do have provisions for them so the mod is easy to do.

The problem was that one of the resources that I used to do this modification disappeared sometime in 2003--four years ago. I was trying to remember all that I did way back then when I remembered a site that archived old web pages....

The Wayback Machine allows you to search its archive for a particular URL and it will show you what the page looked like at that moment in time. Its archive covers web pages (not blogs) from 1996 to the present. It's pretty cool. You can see what the original Stargazer's Garage looked like in 2001 when I first started the page :0)

Unfortunately, not all images on the web page are archived, but I definitely think this is a valuable service.


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