Gettysburg National Military Park

I was in Gettysburg, PA the other day and had a chance to take some "I was there" pictures....

I was attending a conference in Gettysburg and unfortunately the person I was sharing a room with was a dedicated "no way in heck will ear plugs make any difference" snorer. Anywhoo, to cut the story short, I'll give it one last humongous sleepy "ugh" and mention that as a result I ended up with less than 3-hours sleep and with the need to waste some time before breakfast.

As soon as there was light I decided to stop at the nearby Gettysburg National Military Park to see what I could see. I thought it was quite fascinating--not so much because of the cannons and monuments of which there are plenty, but because of the sense of history, the realization that here, on this ground, in these fields, men fought and tens of thousands died.

It became a little depressing, actually, so I thought I'd take my mind off it by taking a few pictures....

Here are a few more pictures.


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