Quest for oil: update

The other day I posted about how my local stores rarely had suitable motor oil for the R32 (Quest for oil). I'd also asked rhetorically where I could find some online....

Well, speaking of trips down memory lane (Wayback Machine), while I was searching around on VWvortex I rediscovered a thread regarding motor oils for the R32. To my chagrin I saw that *I* had made a few posts in that very thread; one post of mine said that I was going to buy Amsoil 5W-40 from their website if I couldn't find Valvoline 5W-40 locally. My only excuse for forgetting this information is that I posted it back in 2004.

I never did buy Amsoil because at the time I was able to find some Valvoline, which is much less expensive. Anywhoo, in the same thread someone posted a link to, an online store that among others sold Valvoline Synpower 5W-40--the motor oil I've been using.

Hurrah! No more weekly trips to the local stores searching for oil! Shipping and handling is a pain, but I'm willing to pay for convenience.

Fyi, here's some product info on Valvoline's Synpower motor oils. You'll see that Valvoline has no 5W-30 that meets the R32's ACEA A3/VW 502.00 required specifications. I don't know what VWoA is talking about when saying 5W-30 can be used as a substitute. I haven't seen any suitable 5W-30s at all, regardless of brand.


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