2006 Subaru STI: Racecomp Engineering Super Sport Street/Track Springs

I placed an order for RCE springs today. These have been getting great reviews by many owners in the forums since being released a few months ago. They are designed specifically for the STI and should be a nice improvement over stock. The STI suspension was pretty good to begin with, but I was looking for a little more firmness along with a lower ride height....

I've been researching a lot of information about suspension the last couple of weeks and have decided that RCE springs (with some Ohlins fixed-perch struts in the future) would be ideal setup for me. Even though the final cost would be close to the price of coilovers, it's a better option for me because the car is not used on the track where the extra adjustments and maintenance of coilovers would be justified.


  1. Nice! How much will they lower the STI?

  2. Of all the most popular STI springs including the Prodrive and STi Pinks, this probably lowers the most. Because the front wheel well is cut out bigger than the rear, the front is lowered a little bit more to make it look even.

    I'm looking for pictures of stock cars lowered on RCE springs and I'll post them in a new entry.


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