Bleevin's 2006 Subaru STI on RCE springs

I was looking for pictures of 2006 STI's lowered on RCE springs and I came across Bleevin's before and after pics of his SGM (Steel Grey Metallic) STI.
Before: Stock Suspension

After: RCE Camber Plates + Ohlins Fixed + RCE Springs

He's got more upgrades than just the springs that I'm planning for right now, but I think his pictures are the best for showing the kind of drop you get with the RCE springs. I'm looking forward so much to loosing that front wheel gap.


  1. That looks good.

    For owners that lowered their R32s a lot they needed to buy control arms in order to maintain an appropriate camber; is that true for the STI, as well?

  2. No. There is enough adjustment available that nothing more is required. For those people who take it out on to the track and need additional camber adjustment, camber plates are a popular option.

    Since realistically I will only be using it as a daily driver on the street, I'll be fine with the springs only for now. In the future I hope to get the Ohlins fixed-perch struts.

  3. Your pictures are being used for this ad. If you could flag or e-mail craigslist and have the ad removed. This is the second time this person has tried using other peoples pictures.


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