2006 Honda Odyssey - 5600 km: Annoying ticking

I noticed a strange ticking sound in Odyssey the other day. It's coming from the stereo system. When the stereo is turned off, the ticking stops. It happens when the radio is tuned to AM or FM. It wasn't there before, but now it's there all the time.

It's quiet but very noticeable when the radio is tuned to normal listening volumes. Actually, you can turn the volume completely down and the ticking sound keeps at a constant level. Obviously, when the volume is turned up, you can't hear the ticking as much. I'll have to check to see if it occurs when I play other sources.

I'm wondering if it has to do with the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) system but I don't know. I put the radio into diagnostic mode to try to turn the ANC off and on, but I didn't notice a difference.

To put the Odyssey OEM radio into diagnostic mode:

Press and hold the "1" and "6" buttons at the same time and then press the "Power" knob.

I'm 30% to an oil change so this will have to be checked out by the dealership.


  1. If there is something warrantable with your radio, I hope the dealership won't make a fuss about the navigation screen hack.
    The Nav is a separate unit from the radio, right?

  2. The two are totally different systems. If there were any problems with the Nav unit, all I would need to do is reboot with the original Nav discs and it would reset it back to default.

    Anyway, I think I found the cause of the clicking noise. We had put a burned audio CD in the DVD player and that caused the noise. I took the CD out and put it back it and it stopped.


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