VW R32: Bootliner

My brother was surprised when I told him I didn't have any type of cargo liner for my R32. Well, now I do. :o)

When the 2004 Golf R32 was first released Volkswagen worldwide didn't offer a protective cargo mat for the hatch. Because of the Haldex the hatch is raised slightly compared to the Golf/GTI; any liners or mats designed for the Golf/GTI don't fit the R32.

In winter 2006 VW finally came out with a bootliner designed to fit the 2004 R32. Unfortunately, I read that it was just a piece of flimsy foam so I promptly forgot all about its existence until last week when I asked a local VW parts department about cargo liners. Anywhoo, I decided to order a bootliner—since it has to better than nothing—and this morning I picked it up. My verdict: this bootliner is an expensive piece of flimsy foam… but it has to be better than nothing.

Stock, part no. 1J6 863 463 P

Bootliner, part no. 1J0 061 161

To my surprise there was some assembly required. If you want access to two latches--which I do--you need to cut out a couple pieces of foam (locations indicated by red circles in the below photo). It was easy enough to do with a box cutter, but it certainly didn't make me feel any better about buying an expensive piece of flimsy foam.


  1. Foam? Like spongy material? Not rubber? Is it washable?

  2. It's definitely foam, not rubber. Not as pliable as a sponge--folding it too much would probably make cracks, but it is a little squishy.

    I wouldn't want to use more than a damp cloth to clean it. It doesn't look/feel water resistant; it looks more for dirt and stuff rather than liquids.

    Hopefully VW will come out with something better in the future.


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