2006 Honda Odyssey: DST--Update 2

This is a follow up to two earlier posts I made here and here about adjusting for the new Daylight Saving Time on the Honda Odyssey.

According to Karl05 at Odyclub, Honda released a Daylight Saving Time fix with the latest DVD navigation software: Version 4.56A
Just got the latest DVD. Version 4.56A.

Popped it into the Navi DVD player and before I could hit "OK" at the disclaimer screen, the software started downloading.

I had my clock set to DST settings (so it was an hour off). So, it was saying 5:31.

Then a couple minutes (messages says NOT to turn off the engine). The Navi system rebooted and the clock went from 5:34 to 6:34.

In the setup screen under the settings for the clock, there's an DST option with an "EDIT" button. Pressing this gets you 2 buttons that say "Mar-Nov" "Apr-Oct".
Unfortunately, that means that the only update currently available is with the DVD navigation update that costs several hundred dollars. Hopefully, the Honda will give the dealers the ability to just patch the software without forcing customers to buy something they may not need.


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