VW R32: From Sweden with Love

Nope, this post isn't about some 007 ripoff; it's about something I'd been waiting to arrive since before Christmas, then gave up on as I learned that they'd run out of the item, then started hoping when I heard another batch had started being delivered....

Hmmm... kind of convoluted for an introduction I guess, when I could simply say that Haldex was offering free "Haldex Performance" badges for anyone who simply gave them mailing directions on their website. This news was posted on VWvortex and the resulting flood of R32 and non-R32 owners requesting a badge overwhelmed supply. Generously, Haldex didn't revert to the "until supplies last" reply, but started shipping out badges once they had more.

I just checked the Haldex website, and they're still offering free badges. Nice!

Anywhoo, the reason I was all eager-like for the Haldex badge is because the 2004 R32 is equipped with a Haldex AWD system. To my delight, with the badge Haldex included three "Haldex Performance" stickers--one each in black, grey, and white.

So having been eagerly anticipating the opportunity to put the Haldex badge on the R's hatch, I decided not to. I'm not comfortable putting something semi-permanent on the paint--even a badge. Plus, I was wondering if it would make the rear look too busy.

Tonight I was going to put one of the Haldex stickers on my rear right window, but that will have to wait until tomorrow when the light is better. I'll post pics when I update this post.

Update 03MAR2007

Zoom in...

...and zoom out.

Maybe I should have placed it a little lower. Oh well, I can live with it. For now, at least. ;o)


  1. I noticed that the later is dated 4 December. I don't remember exactly when I signed up, but I wonder if this means the delay wasn't because they ran out of badges, but because mail from Sweden is just slow?


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