Thunder Bay: Superior by Nature

Lot 66
We've been in Thunder Bay for a number of days now and I've taken lots of pictures. I took the one above when the van was getting detailed yesterday. I occupied my time (4.5 hours!) by walking around exploring the area. Lot 66 is a tapas lounge in Thunder Bay that apparently has really good food--I haven't tried it myself. If you click the link and know the artist and title of the song that plays on their web site let me know--I love it! Click here to see the map where this photo was taken.

*Update* I found out that the song is called "Shadows of Ourselves" by Thievery Corporation. *End update*

I discovered that Flickr will automatically place my geotagged photos on the Flickr map so I don't have to host my own images. So I'm going to change the links in my earlier posts to point to the Flickr pages, instead of my own. It should be more reliable and I'll be able to upload higher quality pictures. Also, when you look at the pictures in Flickr, you can check the location by clicking the "MAP" link on the side bar.

You can all my geotagged photos on this map.


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