2006 Honda Odyssey - 12993 km - Washed and waxed by Auto-One

I got the van washed and detailed today at a shop in Thunder Bay on Court Street called Auto One. I looked them up in the phone book and by a matter of coincidence, the manager there used to live in BC and had a auto shop at the corner of Barnet and St. John's.

It felt good to get all the bugs off. The shop uses Autoglym products and did a great job on making the black paint look awesome again. They even touched up a rock chip I had. Now the paint surface feels as smooth as silk!

Unfortunately, bugs are unavoidable here, so I had to whip out my bottle of Meguiars Quik-Detailer and clean up after the drive home. I did have time to take some pictures in front of an old closed-down restaurant. This place has been closed for a long time--it was just like this two years ago when we last visited. It looks like it's from a time long past....


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