2006 Honda Odyssey - 9390 km - Formula One Pinnacle Series Ceramic Tint installed

Update: added pictures and additional info

Advanced Window Tinting (on Westwood in Port Coquitlam) did an excellent job tinting the rear windows on our Odyssey today. Just in time, too, because today's high was around 30° Celcius! The heat rejection with ceramic tint is excellent and the difference was very noticeable. It will definitely make the van much more comfortable during our road trip.

Click below for more pictures.

I was worried about putting metallic tint on the front windows because the owner's manual specifically warns that it could affect GPS reception (the antenna is under the dash). I was going to put Huper Optik ceramic tint (like the Subaru) but the shop I went to doesn't do automotive tint any more.

That's when someone on NASIOC recommended Advanced Window Tint in Port Coquitlam. They carried Formula One Pinnacle Series ceramic tint which, unlike Huper Optik, is designed specifically for automotive use. That's good news because when I installed Huper Optik into the Subaru, I lost my AM reception. No such problems in the Odyssey. I had the Pinnacle put on all the rear windows (even over the factory tint) and have noticed no change in radio reception. The GPS still seems to track reasonably well, too.

I've decided that I'm going to get them to remove the Huper Optik from the Subaru and install the Pinnacle tint instead. I'll also bring my dad in so he can get is Infiniti G35 done, too.


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