Day 5: Detroit Lakes to Thunder Bay

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We completed the first leg of our road trip on Wednesday, 11 July 2007.

Day's Summary: Detroit Lakes to Thunder Bay
Total distance traveled: 632.6 km
Estimated travel time (GPS): 8 hours, 8 min.
Total elapsed driving time: 7 hours, 2 min.
Average fuel consumption: 9.5 L/100 km
Average speed: 91 km/h
Highest observed outside temp: 17° C
Number of confirmed V1 bogies: 0 (Note: Radar detectors are illegal in Ontario.)

We had the best fuel economy during this leg because we were well into the flats of the prairies for most of the trip and once we reached Minnesota, we were on a smaller highway with a lower speed limit.

It was extra nice once we got to Duluth because I had driven this section two years ago. I really love seeing the beautiful, classic homes that line Lake Superior. And being a West Coaster, it's especially nice seeing a large body of water again.


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