Cool gadget: Sony GPS-CS1 data logger

When I was at Best Buy on Monday, I noticed that they were selling a very interesting camera accessory from Sony that announced very excitedly on its box in four different languages: "Map your memories! Expand your viewing pleasure with the online map! Let's go shooting with Cyber-shot & GPS unit!"

I've heard about embedding geographical data into digital photos but I didn't know much about it. The box only talked about using it with Sony cameras, so I put it back on the shelf. Then yesterday, I saw this explanation of Geotagging on the [daily dose of imagery] and got very excited. I spent the rest of the evening reading and researching....

Today I bought the Sony GPS-CS1 because it was readily available and half the price of the Globalsat DG-100 (which would have to have been shipped overnight by air from Calgary for an extra $35). It works as a simple GPS data logger and it's really easy to use. The RoboGeo software I bought allows me to embed GPS location data into my digital pictures and to automatically place them onto a Google map. Click here to see the results. It's pretty neat and I'm planning on using it during our road trip this summer to track our journey :0)

Update: I broke down and upgraded my Flickr account. They have a Flickr Map that will automatically place your geotagged photos. Here's my Flickr Map.


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