Day 2: Spokane to Billings

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Sorry for the late post. I had some issues with the geotagging when we crossed time zones. I'll update this post tomorrow night with a summary of details. For now you can find the Google Map of our progress and a few pictures. Our day ended with a little twist when we arrived at our hotel and found it to be surrounded by water and inaccessible!

Today's Summary: Spokane, WA to Billings, Montana
Total distance traveled: 912.8 km
Estimated travel time (GPS): 7 hours, 43 min.
Total elapsed driving time: 8 hours, 16 min.
Average fuel consumption: 11.5 L/100 km
Average speed: 123 km/h
Highest observed outside temp: 30° C
Number of confirmed V1 bogies: 1
Grateful for: The "Grade Logic Control" on the Honda Odyssey avoids gear-hunting on uphills and descents, and downshifts for added engine braking. Because today's route took us through mountain passes, this feature was really handy. I had the cruise control set at 75 mph going down 6% grades on the mountains and the Odyssey maintained it's speed perfectly. I did not have to ride the brakes at all :0)

The night before there was heavy rain in Billings that flooded out many areas. The hotel that we had reservations at was surrounded by water and after making several attempts circling the property we realized that there was no way we were going to get across. So we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express just outside of Billings, MT instead.


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