Sirus Customer Care - Part 2

See previous post: Sirius Customer Care - Part 1.

I'm a total convert now to satellite radio which is most surprising to me because I was so against it only a short time ago. I love the service and am so happy to be able to swap it in and out of each vehicle. Regular radio now seems so boring.

I had a few more questions about my Sirius service and I think a couple of them got lost in the email shuffle. On the Sirius website they say that they will respond within 24 hours, and since I didn't hear for a few days, I sent my question in again....

I'm glad to say that this time the responses were quick and very much to my satisfaction. I love being able to get a quick response. My main question was whether there would be additional charges if I decided to exchange my Stratus radio for another one and the answer was no. Despite that, I've decided to keep the Stratus for now and perhaps upgrade in the future. You just can't beat it's $25 cost (with rebates and incentives).

I'm looking forward to using it on our road trip. Although, I made the mistake of tuning into the Disney channel and now my kids want to listen to it, too!


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