2006 Subaru STI - Regularly scheduled maintenance?

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Yesterday I got a reminder in the mail from my Subaru dealership about my next regular maintenance. My last time was in February so it has only been about four months. The problem is, I haven't been driving it that much and I haven't put on that many kilometers on it yet--maybe another 2000 km. Since I'm going to be on the road for most of the summer, I don't know if I should get the oil change done early, or wait. On top of that, I don't really know if it's worth it to stick with synthetic oil.


  1. Hey it's Charles

    Yeah I think you should get it done. Saves time if you have time. I would also stay with synethic, since going back to mineral may make the car rougher.

    FYI - I sent you an email, not sure if you received it, but ended up going with a GTI.

  2. That makes sense--I guess that's what I'll do.

    Congrats on the GTI. You gotta send me pics with some California scenery--it's one of my favorite places to visit :0)

  3. Definitely get things checked out before a big trip like that! It's like a lot of things (taking an umbrella) if you need it - you got it, if you don't, it won't matter too much.
    my2c :)



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