Honda Odyssey Fuel Consumption

2006 Honda Odyssey Touring Fuel Consumption Data

Summary of data from purchase in September '06 to June '07:

Total distance driven: 8535 km
Total fuel consumed: 1436.9 L
Average price per liter: $1.011
Total cost of fuel: $1454.53
Average consumption: 16.6 L/100km (14.4 mpg)

I've always tried to track the fuel consumption of all my vehicles for at least the first year of ownership. Our 2006 Honda Odyssey is no different. However, I have been lax in entering data and tonight I finally decided to catch up. I thought this information would be especially useful to compare with the fuel consumption we get on our road trip this summer....

My driving habits don't really change from vehicle to vehicle. Around town, I drive with a lead foot and enjoy making the tires chirp off-the-line--yeah, I know: tsk, tsk! That doesn't lead to very good fuel economy, that's for sure. It will be interesting so see what numbers I get when I'm cruising on the highway. I'm hoping that Honda's Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) will help things.


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