VW R32: Gorilla-Gear sytsem

Talk about bad timing. A little more than two months ago I purchased an OEM bootliner for my 2004 VW Golf R32. The bootliner is made of foam, so hardly ideal, but it was the only cargo mat offered by Volkswagen for the R32. The hatch floor is smaller than in Golfs and GTIs because the R32’s floor is raised slightly to accommodate the Haldex AWD.

VW has finally started offering something better than a flimsy piece of foam.

More recently, VW finally began offering what I had *really* wanted—a Gorilla-Gear system designed for my R32. I think it’s slightly reprehensible of VW to offer a poor excuse of a bootliner but by virtue of it being the only option available still take my money, and then a short time later offer an actually useful bootliner so VW can take even more of my money. It’s a blatant cash-grab by VW and only tarnishes their image. I feel like VW took advantage of my goodwill and it only makes it less likely that any future auto I purchase will be a VW. For shame!

Whew! Enough with the venting.

The Gorilla-Gear system is quite nice and durable. The system includes a rubber-backed cargo mat than can be hosed off for cleaning, as well as four L-shaped Gorilla-Grips that attach via Velcro to prevent stuff sliding around in the back. If you’re looking for a cargo mat I highly recommend the Gorilla-Gear mat over the flimsy piece of foam.

Part No. 1J0 061 166 H 469

Cargo mat + Gorilla-Grips


  1. That looks good. How much did the two mats cost? What are you going to do with the original one?

  2. The foam was almost $60, and the Gorilla-Gear was $90.

    Right now the foam is just taking up space. I've posted it for sale, but no takers so far.


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