2007 Infiniti G35 Sport - Intelligent Key System

The owner's manual that comes with the 2007 Infiniti G35 comes in a supple, black genuine leather cover. The manual itself is pretty thick. Definitely thicker than the other ones I've had. And definitely a lot for a single reading. So what I've been doing is reading different sections and learning about different features of the car....

The Intelligent Key System allows you to operate the vehicle without removing the remote control from your pocket. It's a neat idea. When you approach a certain distance to the car, it recognizes the remote and allows you to press a button on the door handle that either locks or unlocks the doors. It works with the trunk and fuel-filler door, too. Once you are inside the vehicle you can also press the start button to start the engine.

I think the best way to work the system is to use the button on the door handle to enter the car, and then simply use the remote to lock it as you walk away.

I did find out from reading G35driver.com today that there will be a recall on the current Intelligent Key Remotes because there have been some problems when the remote comes into contact with certain cell phones. I guess that's why our salesperson warned us to keep the remote in a separate pocket than the cell phone. Apparently, replacements won't be available until fall this year.


  1. It is cheap that car manufactuer does not provides the very basic. I am surprised.

  2. is ther a spot outside the car to unlock the car if i have detached key from faub but faub is locked in car

  3. The car will not allow you to lock the key in the car.

  4. The intel key can be locked in if close enough to the door.


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