2007 Infiniti G35 Sport - Automatic Drive Positioner

One of the first things we setup on the 2007 Infiniti G35S was the Automatic Drive Positioner. When the feature is turned on, what it does is move the driver's seat back and the steering column up and out of the way to make getting in and out of the car more easy....

Once you are in the car and you start the engine, the driver's seat and the steering column move back to the normal memorized position. When you stop and open the door, everything moves out of the way again.

There are several nice things about setting and storing the driving position in the G35. First, when you use the power tilt/telescoping control to adjust the steering column, the entire gauge cluster moves with it so that the gauges never get blocked. Second, when you memorize the seat position in one of the two available memory slots, the position of the mirrors as well as the steering column all get stored at the same time. Very nice.


  1. The is one of the nice features to me.

  2. Having a feature like this is very helpful. It certainly promotes an optimum driving condition.


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