Car shopping with the APA...

...but not for me, of course!

Last night my dad signed the papers for a new 2007 G35 Sport Sedan. I just helped my dad negotiate the price and I have to say that the process was quick and relatively stress free....

Actually, that makes 3 car purchases I've made in just over 1 year (Subaru, Honda, Infiniti) that were pleasant and didn't leave anyone with a bad taste in their mouth. I think that occurred because the sales manager was motivated to sell and they knew that we were serious about buying. Being a member of the Automotive Protection Agency really helped because it allowed me to walk into the dealership prepared and informed. The APA offers a member buying service that gives you invoice price and dealer markup.

This greatly cuts down negotiation time because the sooner we get down to the bottom line, the less time we have to waste. I'm not trying to make the dealer loose money and what I offer is a reasonable profit. The salesman recognizes that and we are all happy because we get what we want.

The G35 pictured above is the regular sedan and NOT the Sport trim that my dad ordered. The Sport comes with 19" wheels and a few extra options. Apparently, the colour that we wanted, Diamond Graphite, is on the boat from Japan and should arrive in two weeks.


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