2006 Subaru STI - 17573 km: RCE springs installed

The Racecomp Engineering springs were installed last Friday. I really love the look.

Before/After measurements are here.

My previous experience with sport suspension was with H&R/Bilsteins on my VW Passat. Here's my "regular-old-guy, daily-driver" impressions of the RCE springs on the Subaru STI with no other suspension mods....

1. Stance is good. I really wanted to get rid of the wheel gap and now I think it looks great. (My Rally Armor already scraped occasionally stock, so I may have to do something about them now--I knew that going in.) (+1)

2. Definitely firmer, but not uncomfortable or harsh at all. (+1)

3. Firmer so it follows every undulation on worn pavement. My ride home was at a jogging pace on the freeway where the road was hardly flat and smooth. I'm sure if we were going at proper speed, things would have smoothed out but at the crawling pace we were going at, we were going up and down like we were driving on washboards. Unfortunately, a few of the roads around here are like that. (-1)

4. Dive and squat are eliminated. I appreciate this a lot. I like making firm stops and without the dive, the car feels so much more composed. (+1)

5. Cornering is flat and turn-in is accomplished with knife-like precision. The car is transformed. In addition to feeling the power of the STI, it now feels like it has the control to match. (+1)

Summary: I don't track at all, but I feel that these springs would be awesome performing at the upper limits. They're not designed for bumper to bumper rush-hour traffic ;0) and are much happier the faster you go :evilgrin:!

Score = 4/5


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