Possible jumper on Burrard Street Bridge?

Kat Kam

I first discovered the Kat Kam web site when I was using Google Earth to explore downtown Vancouver.

It's usually pointed at the Burrard Street Bridge on the West Side and sometimes there are some spectacular sunsets. Right behind the bridge you can see the H.R. MacMillan Space Center and in the distance you can see the UBC Endowment Lands and the Spanish Banks. Here's a great animation of one day from sunrise to sunset created from images captured by the web cam.

After I updated to the new Blogger template last night, I decided to add a link to Kat Kam on the side bar. This morning I checked it out and just happened to see one of the infamous "police incidents" that occurs occasionally on our city's bridges. It was a strange feeling looking at the picture and knowing that it was taken only minutes before.

From then on, I just at the computer pressing "Refresh" until the next shot uploaded. Thankfully, it looks like it was resolved without any serious harm.


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