2006 Honda Odyssey - Steel Wheel Nuts

A few days after the early arctic blast that left us with over 2 ft of snow, I decided that maybe it would be best to get some winter tires for the Honda Odyssey just in case. The roads were already clear at the time, but because I'm a lazy bum, getting stuck in 5 inches of snow that I refused to shovel on our flat driveway 15 ft from the garage entrance sealed the deal.

I bought another set of Hankook W300 Ice Bears from Tiretrends-- you just can't beat the peformance for the price of these winter performance tires. I love the way they handle on our Subaru STI. The steel wheels that were back-ordered from the Honda dealership finally arrived today and I'm getting the tires mounted and balanced for about $48. I picked up the wheel nuts for the steel wheels. They are slightly different than the ones used for the alloy wheels in two ways: 1. The taper is slightly different; 2. They are designed to accept Honda wheel covers. Howver, I didn't expect all 20 nuts to be individually packaged and sealed!


  1. That's a great idea!

    Actually, I was hoping to keep the winters stored in the garage for another couple of weeks, but we had a short blast of flurries this morning and they're forecasting a couple of centimeters this weekend:0(


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