2005 Suzuki Burgman Type S - Vandalized

My Suzuki Burgman was vandalized a few months ago while I was at work but I forgot to mention it. I left the glove-box unlocked and my rain pants were stolen. They also removed a rear plastic body panel probably because they wanted to get into the storage area under the seat. They must have known that the helmets were kept there. Luckily, they didn't get in. So they either knew about mega-scooters, or perhaps were watching me as I put my gear away?

I actually didn't realize the back panel was missing until I got home because even though I did a walk around, I was scanning the ground and not paying attention to the scooter itself. I went back to the parking lot to do another scan to see if they had just tossed the panel to the side somewhere, but did not not find anything.

It took a few weeks for the new panel to come in, but luckily it only cost about $30 to replace. Also, Coast Mountain Sports had one more pair of exactly the same pants I had before and I replaced that, too.


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