Uneventful Ride

My ride to work this morning was uneventful--just the usual collection of crazy yahoos on the road ;0) The skies have cleared and are a gorgeous baby blue with a few puffy clouds on the horizon.

After I had a whole day to reflect on yesterday's incident and I posted this on one of the forms before I went to bed:


"...they taught us in motorcycle school to always check your rear view mirror and scan the intersection, and I find that I do that now even when I'm in the car.

I've been reading a quite a few posts here and there about motorcyclists dying when someone pulled out in front of them [so] I didn't [want to] run the light and risk that guy pulling in front of me. My mistake was not checking my mirror because I was watching the car in the intersection.

In this particular situation, everything seemed to happen at the same time: me changing lanes to pass, the light turning yellow, and a car waiting to turn left in the intersection. I also think she sped up (maybe it was something about being passed by a scooter :rolleyes: or trying to make the light) so she was really close behind me. I had plenty of distance to stop because I started to slow down when I saw the "Prepare to Stop" lights flash. But when I came to a full stop at the red, I was unable to check my mirrors again like I usually do, because her car whipped past me. There were no other cars around us, but it must have been a surprise for her [too] because she split my lane. The more I thought about it, the more the seriousness of it sunk in.

Today was a new situation for me and the purpose of me writing about it is to help me analyse the situation and hopefully learn from it. As much as they taught us in class, I've learned much more being on the road. I'm all right with it now. And my wife's OK with it, too, because she rides with me and knows I'm extra careful when I'm on the [Burgman]."


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