2006 Subaru STI: Seattle Photoshoot, Part 1

The trip down to the DCI BBQ was all right but I did most of the distance on my own after the group got split up. The STI handled superbly on the highway and speed is so deceptive. It doesn't feel like you're traveling that fast until you look in the mirror and realize that everyone has turned into tiny dots. Of course, equally as impressive as the straight-line performance is the way the STI handles the curves and my favorite stretch of the I-5 around the hills just outside of Bellingham offered me a whole new level of pleasure.

The fee for this kind of fun? Well, ironically I got a speeding ticket after exiting the I-5 and--I know you won't believe me--while I wasn't driving that fast.

By coincidence, while I was looking for the Costco in Kirkland as noted in the iternary, I connected with Rob and some other guys he had encountered on the freeway. The Costco at the address given was a "Costco Home" so instead of going there, we picked up food for the bbq at the Fred Meyer nearby. I was able to try out the self-serve checkout which was quite a novelty for me.

I took some video at the bbq and posted it here: DCI BBQ 2006 Video.

Afterwards, I headed towards the WorldOne Performance shop since they were planning on having a BBQ today too. But when I got the area, I saw some interesting photo opportunities so instead of stopping, I took some pictures. The drive back to Canada was uneventful and we decided to get take out from Milestones for a late dinner. There's no place like home :0).

The pictures I took are posted in Part 2.


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